Given the installation technology, number of system components (sealed concrete vault, gate mechanism, drainage, covers, counterweights, etc.) as well as the quality of the materials used, the total cost of a single FANCY FENCE gate is a few times higher than the cost of a standard sliding gate.

However, when the fence, pedestrian access gate and the retractable gate is considered as a system, the cost of the entire system is not that high. It is estimated that for a 50m fence, the completion cost of the entire FANCY FENCE system is comparable with the cost of other fencing systems of corresponding quality.

There are two delivery options for the FANCY FENCE gate:

Your local distributor provides a quotation for the complete FANCY FENCE system on a case-by-case basis, having reviewed your individual requirements. The gate width and selected arrangement have the greatest impact on the price, with steel pickets being the least costly option.

Operation in winter

Neither the cold nor the snow are obstacles to the proper functioning of a FANCY FENCE gate. Firstly, because it is assembled from standard components designed to operate in all weather conditions. These elements, such as the drive, in the case of sliding gates are directly exposed to the snow and cold outside temperatures. In the FANCY FENCE system these components are hidden beneath the cover plates, under the ground at a zone with a relatively stable temperature of about 0-5°C (depending on geographical location). It is further important to remember that 99% of the time the gate remains closed, with only parts of the leaf protruding above ground level. When the gate is opened, any ice that may have formed or accumulated around the leaf elements cracks under the weight of the leaf descending into the vault.


First of all, it should be emphasized that water is not an issue for a FANCY FENCE gate. All components are designed for outdoor installation, also for extreme weather conditions. Due to the complete waterproof sealing of the precast concrete vault, the only way for water to get inside the vault is through the holes in the cover plates of the vault. In the event that a large quantity of water gets into the vault, the pump located at the bottom of the vault will automatically pump out excess water.

Power outage

In the event of a power failure there are two possible solutions: emergency manual opening or closing of the gate, which can be done with the use of a handle, through the inspection hatch opening, located in the centre cover plate. The fact that the leaf-counterweight system has a neutral weight differential, allows for it to be lifted or lowered effortlessly even by children. The second option is to purchase an optional integrated battery that allows for 5 to 10 opening and closing cycles without charging.


FANCY FENCE gates are fitted with identical sensor systems as those used for sliding gates. They are aesthetically mounted on the outer components of the fence on both sides of the gate. At the instance that the light beam is broken by any object, the safety system immediately stops the movement of the gate. Overload protection that is installed as a standard in our gate drives is additional protection.

It is worth noting that unlike other types of gates available in the market, FANCY FENCE gates are safe for people, pets and property, even if other safety systems fail. This is due to the unique design of our gates which do not incorporate another fixed object that the gate would induce a crushing force against when closing.


Due to the use of exactly the same components as are used for sliding gates, there is no reason for retractable gates to be less reliable than sliding gates. As with other gates, the most common potential problems during use are with the drive system. This is why, it is easily accessible through the central cover plate. Any other mechanical breakdowns require the other cover plates to be removed, and this enables the service technician to have easy access to all of the components of the gate.

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