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FANCY FENCE is an exceptionally aesthetic and functional alternative to standard protective fences to protect outdoor pools from uncontrolled access of children. In addition to the basic benefits of the FANCY FENCE system, it is possible to open or close individual sections of the pool area depending on your needs and preferences.

Major benefits:

  • unrestricted length and shape of the fence around the pool
  • section opening possible
  • greater range of arrangements, tempered glass added
  • simplified manual mode


Get to know the system

  1. Removable cover plates
  2. Counterweight
  3. Drive
  4. Water drainage pump
  5. Movable gate leaf
  6. Concrete vault
  7. Manual mode inspection hatch


Customers may create any configuration of the fence using the available arrangement dimensions and styles:

Cover plates

Various cover plate options are available:

  • standard steel cover plates, with or without anti-slip coating
  • cover plates that match any arrangement of your choice

Cover hole caps

In addition to the standard (non-capped) hole finish, a flap option is available:

Detailed information on the available dimensions, patterns, covers and cover caps is presented on your distributor’s website

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