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Safety of public gatherings has become an issue of particular importance today. A dedicated FANCY FENCE system allows for temporary separation of public gathering places, with no need for labour-consuming preparations. The steel and concrete heavy duty pickets are effective protection not only against vehicles but also allow access control for organisers of gatherings. All this with no interference with the ambient architecture.

Major benefits:

  • unrestricted length and shape of the fence
  • reinforced steel and concrete pickets to prevent fence ram
  • possible to provide emergency access/passage
  • manual mode
  • anti-panic system


Get to know the system

  1. Removable cover plates
  2. Manual mode inspection hatch
  3. Counterweight
  4. Drive
  5. Water drainage pump
  6. Movable gate leaf
  7. Concrete vault


High level of safety and exceptional strength is required to protect public places against the risk of motorised terrorist attacks, the fences used to separate off safe zones are steel with a reinforced concrete core.

Cover plates

Various cover plate options are available:

  • standard steel cover plates, with or without anti
  • slip coating
  • cover plates that match any arrangement of your choice
  • stainless steel cover plates

Cover hole caps

Cover plates with flaps as hole capping are recommended for use in safe zones.

Detailed information on the available dimensions, patterns, covers and cover caps is presented on your distributor’s website

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