Fancy Fence

Anwendungen / OUTDOOR POOLS


FANCY FENCE provides an exceptionally aesthetically pleasing and functional alternative to standard fencing to protect outdoor swimming pools from uncontrolled access by children. In addition to the basic advantages of the FANCY FENCE system, it is possible to zone the space according to your needs and visual preferences.

The main advantages are:

  • any length and shape of the retractable fence around the pool
  • possibility of zonal opening
  • large selection of fillings including tempered glass
  • easy manual operation of the retractable fence


1. Removable covers
2. Counterweight
3. Drive
4. Drainage pump
5. Gate span
6. Concrete vault of the gate
7. Manual mode cover


Customers can create any composition of the fence from among the available dimensions of the posts. It is possible to incorporate glass into the bay of the lowered fence. In addition, depending on individual preferences, the posts can be clad with any materials provided by the customer such as:

  • HPL boards
  • quartz sinter plates
  • others

The dimensions and parameters of the materials that can be used should be agreed with the selected distributor


It is possible to manufacture covers in different variants:

  • standard steel covers with an anti-slip layer
  • reccessed cover trays adapted to any fillings


In addition to the standard (without closures) finish of the openings of the lids, the customer has the option of closing the openings in the form of canopies on the posts.