Fancy Fence

Applications / SAFE ZONES


Today, issues related to ensuring the safety of participants at public gatherings are of particular importance. The dedicated FANCY FENCE system allows to periodically fence off public places without labor-intensive preparation. Specially designed reinforced steel-concrete posts provide effective protection not only against vehicles, but also allow the organizers of gatherings, to control access without interfering with the architecture of the surroundings.

The main advantages are:

  • any length and shape of the retractable gate / fence
  • reinforced steel and concrete profiles that prevent the passage of vehicles
  • the possibility of entrance and / or evacuation passage
  • possibility of manual operation of the retractable gate / fence


1. Removable covers
2. Manual mode cover
3. Counterweight
4. Drive
5. Drainage pump
6. Gate span
7. Concrete vault of the gate


Due to the need for a high level of security and exceptional resistance to acts of vehicular terrorism, fences used in safe zones are made of steel posts alone or with a reinforced concrete core in the center.

The dimensions and parameters of the materials that can be used should be agreed with the distributor of your choice


It is possible to manufacture covers in different variants:

  • standard steel covers with an anti-slip layer
  • recessed tray covers adapted to any fillings
  • stainless steel covers


For safe zones, it is recommended to use covers equipped with hole closures in the form of canopies on posts.

Detailed information on available dimensions, designs, type of covers, as well as hole closures, are presented on the distributor’s website